10 Days – 9 Nights

“Take advantage of your time as you fly across each island, enjoying the view from above as you reach your destination.”

Witness each highlight of the natural wonders and wildlife across the archipelago on an in-depth exploration during ten incredible days on San Cristobal, Santa Cruz and Isabela. You’ll even be taking advantage of your time as you fly across from San Cristobal to Isabela Island, enjoying the view from above as you reach your destination. There is no doubt that you will experience the Galapagos Islands to the fullest as you discover how each volcanic island changes from the east to west and how different they are from one another. Going at your pace, you’ll walk, hike, swim and snorkel as you encounter dynamic landscapes and wildlife unafraid and oblivious to your presence. Each island will provide a new and different experience that will surely leave you nothing but amazed!

9 Nights Island Hopping Program


You will arrive at the San Cristobal Island airport with a transfer waiting to take you to your selected hotel. You’ll have lunch and then be transferred to your first visit at the Interpretation Center. In the three rooms of the center, you will be taken on a ride through history as you learn more about the origin of Galapagos, the human history of the islands and the important efforts of conservation in place today and plans for the future.
Afterwards you will visit Tijeretas Hill, about 2 km away from the Interpretation Center. The name comes from the Spanish term for the frigate birds that frequent this area. Additionally, you will visit Punta Carola, one of the best places for surfing on San Cristobal Island. The beach has sand the color of gold and has areas of calmer waters where you can possibly view sea lions frolicking in the waves.
Activities: Walk & Snorkel
You will visit the spectacular Kicker Rock. This massive rock formation has been eroded for millions of years, leaving a gap between, perfect for snorkeling. You’ll venture out by boat, reaching the canal with a depth of 12 to 35 meters. You may see black-tipped, white -tipped, hammerhead and Galapagos sharks, octopus, eagle rays, sea turtles, enormous schools of fish and sea lions.
The afternoon excursion will be at either Manglesito beach, Puerto Grande or Cerro Brujo. Manglesito beach consists of two visiting areas; the mangroves and the beach. The mangrove area is ideal for observing aquatic bird life and the beach is perfect for relaxing or swimming. At Puerto Grande, you’ll visit a crescent shaped white-sand beach with stunning views. Cerro Brujo will show you amazing rock formations as a result of erosion by the wind, rain and ocean’s persistent waves.
Activities: Walk, Snorkel, Swim, Sailing
You will depart at 08:00 AM returning at 12:00 PM or depart at 13:00 PM returning at 17:00 PM.
El Junco Lagoon
Take in the amazing views of El Junco in the highlands. It was once a volcanic crater, now fed only by rainfall and is frequently visited by frigatebirds that like to bathe in the only freshwater resources to remove salt from their feathers.
La Galapaguera
The Galapaguera is a semi-natural area where you can watch Galapagos tortoises roam freely. A breeding program also exists to support these endangered animals. You may see tortoises from various islands within the manmade habitat made for the tortoises.
Puerto Chino (Beach)
Hiking a trail you will reach Puerto Chino Beach. The small, but beautiful cove is home to gorgeous blue waters that contrast beautifully against the black volcanic rocks that line the beach against the white sand.
Activities: Hiking, snorkeling, swimming

Today you will fly to Isabela Island. Once you arrive a driver will take you to your accommodations.
The first visit is the Arnold Tupiza Breeding Center, an interpretation and breeding center. You’ll learn about tortoises that are specially grouped in order to reproduce in the most effective way, carefully pairing DNA to keep their species as pure as possible.

In the afternoon you will complete the Wall of Tears route. It can be done on either bicycle or walking, whichever you prefer! On the trail you can view giant tortoises in the wild, “El Estero”, the only place where you can see the four endemic types of Galapagos mangroves, the lookout point called “Cerro Orchilla”, and finally the historic “Wall of Tears”. Once a penal colony for prisoners from Ecuador mainland, banished to confinement in none other than the barren and isolated Galapagos Islands!
Activities: Walk & Bike

In the morning you will visit the sensational Sierra Negra volcano. It is an activity that will have you falling in love with the incredible acts of nature while bird watching, walking past beautiful and endemic flora. You’ll leave from your hotel in the morning and arrive at the trailhead and begin an enjoyable walk of approximately 45 minutes to the crater. There are two lookout points, the first at Volcan Chico and a second viewpoint to fully appreciate the vast view of the enormous caldera of the Sierra Negra Volcano. The volcano’s crater is considered to be the second largest crater in the world with an altitude of 1,220 meters and 10 kilometers in diameter. The hike lasts between 3 to 4 hours and can be very hot, so be prepared with water to take with you. During the hike you’ll be provided with a boxed lunch to enjoy in the awesome settings of the volcano. You will return to Puerto Villamil when the hike is over.
In the afternoon you visit Tintoreras Islet where different tunnels and passageways were naturally formed by hardened lava. You have opportunities to see blue-footed boobies, Galapagos penguins, pelicans, and Galapagos sea birds resting on the rocks or diving for fish. The snorkeling activity allows you to view the underwater world and kayaking is an experience to explore the extraordinary landscape and view the wildlife from the surface of the water. Afterwards you’ll return to Puerto Villamil.
Activities: Snorkel, walk and kayak
Your first visit is Los Tuneles. It is a spectacular site for snorkeling due to the crystal-clear and shallow waters, providing a home to this sea sanctuary. You will walk along incredible lava formations and lava tunnels formed millions of years ago. When you begin to snorkel in the clear waters, you might see white-tipped sharks, manta rays, Galapagos penguins, sea lions, sea turtles, sea horses, sea snakes, and other tropical species.
With all the hiking you did today, in the afternoon you can relax on a beach near Puerto Villamil, letting your body and legs rest in the waters and soft sand.
Activities: Snorkeling
In the morning, you will go to Puerto Ayora by speedboat. The first experience will be an artisanal beer brewing activity. You’ll participate in the brewing and production process and malt milling in a unique bicycle mill, with taste-tasting. You will then visit the Charles Darwin Research Station. It is one of the best park interpretation centers highlighting what Galapagos means to humanity and how vital it is to protect all Galapagos species and their conservation. After, you will explore lava tunnel remains in the highlands and watch Giant tortoises roam the forest freely in their natural habitat. An added experience in the highlands is the “Trapiche”. You will learn how to make the popular liquor “Agua Ardiente” made from sugar cane and learn how it grows well in the volcanic soil.
Returning to Puerto Ayora, you’ll stop by the Twin Craters known as “Los Gemelos”. These identical craters are the result of the collapse of empty magma chambers.
Activities: Walk
In the morning you will visit Las Grietas. To arrive, take a trail past Playa Aleman, brackish lagoons, and you’ll reach the top of the grietas. The enormous crevice allows for an amazing opportunity to snorkel deep into the cracks and fissures between the two tall walls.
After lunch at a local restaurant, you will visit Tortuga Bay. This is voted one of the most spectacular and beautiful beaches in Galapagos. Walking there is part of the experience as you pass arid forests full of giant cacti sprouting yellow flowers. Finches, yellow warblers, and lava lizards will cross your path along the paved trail. Swimming here is a great experience, but be mindful of strong undertows. The waves are perfect for surf lessons. Further down the beach, there are shallow waters, great for a relaxing swim and snorkel, while observing the aquatic life. You will return to Puerto Ayora after this visit.
Activities: Double kayaks, swimming, snorkel, walk
Today you’ll visit various places in Puerto Ayora’s bay such as the following and enjoy a free afternoon:
Loberia: You’ll reach islet Punta Camano where you can snorkel around sea lions and tropical fish displaying a dazzling show beneath the surface against interesting underwater formations.
Shark Channel: You can see harmless white-tip sharks and blue footed boobies while snorkeling, Your guides will explain safe distances during each activity. You’ll come upon the Canal del Amor where you may find sea turtles and many tropical fish varieties.
Playa de los Perros: Taking a 10-minute walk you’ll see marine iguanas in their natural habitat and have plenty of opportunities to take pictures.
Las Grietas: The grietas are where two large cliffs separate and are filled with freshwater towards the top of the surface and salt water below. The crevice is deep in the earth and allows for amazing swims and snorkeling. The rest of the afternoon is at your leisure.
Activities: Walk, snorkel and swim
Today you will be provided a transfer to the airport with assistance for your return flight.

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