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Exploring Ecuador is a journey through unique worlds, offering new and amazing experiences, each more wonderful than the last. You’ll travel through magical landscapes changing drastically before your eyes and beautifully preserved colonial cities will charm their way into your heart. In the Sierra you’ll reach heights that will take your breath away on the route of the Avenue of Volcanoes as the majestic Cotopaxi emerges. Find lush forested areas like the cloud forest and lose count of how many birds and plant life you’ve discovered. Be free to unearth the best kept treasures in the Amazon Rainforest. And to the Pacific, dance across pristine beaches while your tastebuds jump with joy, appreciating the amazing coastal seafood and gastronomy.


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Quito, Ecuador’s capital, sits above the clouds at 2850masl. It was originally built on the foundations of an ancient Incan city and sits on the Pichincha Volcano slopes. The locals know it as the “Carita de Dios”, undeniably so for its renowned and historical treasures, making it a World Heritage Site in 1978. Viewing Quito from above on the Teleferico gives a bird’s eye view, while the Panecillo in the center of the city gives a unique perspective from all angles. Here, you can see many churches known for their exceptional architecture worldwide, captivating history and legends, and remarkable examples of the Baroque School of Quito, commonly known as the “Escuela Quiteña”.
guayaquil and guayas river


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Guayaquil is Ecuador’s prominent port city, business hotspot, industrial center, or the “Pearl of the Pacific.” The city is fantastic thanks to its beautiful buildings, parks, old-time neighborhoods, and fashionably modern boardwalks, like the Malecon 2000. The sprawling city is vibrant and tropical and can be hot and humid. The locals are especially well-known for their warmth, hospitality, and animated character. One of the most popular highlights is the Parque Historico, where you’ve walked back in time, and the Las Peñas neighborhood with houses in colorful hues, a great bar scene, and the lighthouse of Santa Clara.


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The northern town of Otavalo in the Imbabura Province of Ecuador is so much more than a visit, but rather a journey of experiences. Arriving after winding through roads in the Andes graces you with stunning views of farmlands, villages and the Imbabura and Cayambe Volcanoes. The main highlight is the indigenous market where Otavaleños have been trading their finest goods for generations beyond our grasps. Musical instruments, painted canvases, ponchos, shawls and hats are just the beginning of the incredible artisan crafts you can find and the locals add to the experience as you catch a glimpse of their daily life.
hiking at cotopaxi national park

Avenue of the Volcanos

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When you think of the Avenue of the Volcanoes, imagine a modern highway curving in and out, and in-between the most stunning and admired peaks of the South American Andes. As you leave Quito behind to head south, you’ll be surrounded to the left and right with smaller volcanoes dotting the landscape, while the incredible Cotopaxi and Chimborazo giants steal the show. Even further, but still in view on a clear day is the shy Antisana, always active Tungurahua, along with the amazing and well-hidden gems of Quilotoa and El Altar. Along this stretch are exciting opportunities to hike around glacier lagoons, relax in hot springs, or discover Incan ruins.
cuenca panoramic view


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The charming city of Cuenca, another World Heritage city, is famous for its architecture, historical areas, old-world cathedrals, widespread culture and artisanal crafts, as well as an unforgettable array of gastronomy. The dreamy streets and many bridges with picturesque rivers flowing beneath, have many believing it is the most beautiful city of Ecuador. Strolling the colonial streets and admiring the churches and elegant domes of the cathedral, or wandering the riverside paths and Andean countryside in the land of many lakes in the Cajas National Park, are all unforgettable experiences. And like most of the Andes, Cuenca has a mild climate with generally warm days and cooler nights.
baños swing


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Baños de Agua Santa is a small, alluring town tucked away in a forested area of the Andes. It descends into the Amazon Basin with the ever-active Tungurahua volcano dominating the landscape, with green and lush sloping hills. You’ll be pleasantly overwhelmed by the natural beauty with many waterfalls and rivers, as well as unique flora and fauna endemic to the area. The “Gateway to the Amazon” or “Adventure Capital of Ecuador” are common names for Baños and rightly so because you can experience thrill and excitement around every corner! The Pailon del Diablo waterfall, the Casa del Arbol swing, exhilarating canopy and zip-lining rides, mountain biking, river rafting and hiking adventures are aplenty and will surely not disappoint, but rather leaving you wanting to explore your adventurous spirit even more!
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