Why Columbus Travel

Columbus Travel is home to a team of highly qualified and experienced multilingual tourism professionals who are deeply passionate about what we do and have expert knowledge of The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, and Peru. We are renowned for our attention to detail and listening to our clients, creating and tailoring unique programs that result in truly unforgettable travel experiences for each client. Our mission is to care for our customers just as we care for the environment and nature.

Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands is more than a tourist destination -it’s a magical place where visitors have a wide range of experiences, from profound encounters with nature to unforgettable adventures and sensations. We help your guests create lifetime memories with tailored private tours and packages in various categories of cruises, inter-island programs, adventure activities, diving, and experiential fishing, among other activities.

Ecuador Tours

Ecuador is a multicultural country home to unique destinations in its three mainland regions: the tropical Pacific coast, the Andean highlands, and the pristine Amazon rainforest. We offer private tour packages in each of these regions and customized combinations of them, along with various cultural, adventure, community, and incentive programs. As a small country, mainland Ecuador’s stunning regions and ecosystems can be visited on a short trip!

Peru Tours

Peru is one of South America’s primary tourist destinations and is the cradle of the great Andean cultures that gave rise to some of the greatest civilizations in America. Peru is home to stunning deserts, soaring mountains, tropical beaches, dense jungles, and jagged valleys. We offer different alternatives for private and group tours of the country’s fascinating culture, where adventure lies at every turn. The nation’s natural wealth and world-renowned cuisine will make for an unforgettable vacation.


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