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3 Reasons to Plan with Us

We’re committed to providing an exceptional journey from your initial inquiry to your return home. Our team will warmly greet you at the airport, and our seasoned professionals will guide you throughout your adventure. Expect a blend of genuine Ecuadorian hospitality and top-notch service standards, ensuring an unforgettable travel experience.

Experience the enchanting allure of Ecuador and Peru with our meticulously curated cruises, tours. Our team of dedicated local Destination Experts, who reside in Ecuador, have intimate knowledge of every boat, hotel, and region. Leveraging their extensive travel experiences, they can provide an unparalleled immersive journey tailored to your unique interests and preferences.

Columbus Travel, your ideal DMC, ensures unforgettable adventures across Ecuador, Peru, and the Galapagos Islands. Based in Quito, we offer more than just competitive rates – we accompany you throughout your journey. With us, experience a unique blend of adventure and comfort, explore with our tailored packages, and enjoy high-quality, easy travel services.

We are here to assist you planning your next trip to Ecuador & Peru!


Ecuador, The Galapagos Islands, and Peru Travel Tips


The Galapagos islands one of the world’s last “Edens,” where animals have no fear of humans and continue to live just like they have for millennia.


Exploring Ecuador is a Journey through unique worlds, offering new and amazing experiences, each more wonderful than the last.


Journey into ancient ruins left behind by the magnificent incas, and see why they decided to make Peru their home in the Andes


Most Featured Experiences

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Galapagos Tour and Packages

Prices and Detail Information

The Galapagos Islands are the world’s most natural wonderland and eden. The mystery, beauty, diverse volcanic islands, endemic wildlife, and how they came together, are all things that make the allure of the islands even stronger.

Ecuador Tour and Packages

Prices and Detail Information

Exploring Ecuador is a journey through unique worlds, offering new and amazing experiences, each more wonderful than the last. You’ll travel through magical landscapes changing drastically before your eyes.

Peru Tour and Packages

Prices and Detail Information

Peru is a country filled to the brim with colorful cultures and rich history, dating back to pre-Incan times. With contrasting regions in the Andes, Amazon and Pacific Coast, you’ll discover countless attractions like Machu Picchu.


Ecuador, Galapagos & Peru Packages

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